Joshua G. Stein talks City Talk

Public Think Tank

Saturday, November 16, 2003

School of the Art Institute of Chicago

Joshua G. Stein will be presenting a short talk on infrastructure’s connection to city identity.  The talk, which is part of  the Exploring Collaborative City Making: Public Space, Local Policy and Social Innovation think tank, produced by the GFRY Studio of the School of the Art Institute Chicago, will look at the discrepancy between the scale of the contemporary city and its transit infrastructure as researched in the másTransit proposal.  Following this interpolation, Think Tank participants will be challenged to extrapolate on the future of Chicago’s identity as expressed through transit infrastructure.   The all-day think tank, which will also feature talks by Iker Gil (Mas Studio), Victor Margolin (University of Chicago), Laura Forlano (Illinois Institute of Technology), Ken Dunn (Resource Center), and Walter D. Street III (Walter Street Architects), is a part of the GFRY Studio’s larger task of actualizing designs and policy for the democratization of Chicago, and cities around the world. GFRY Studio Publicity Think Tank

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